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Bursaspor Managements thought that performing training in Atatürk Stadium and Merinosta long after the date of establishment would not be sufficient and purchased land on 10th July 1973 in Minareliçavuş. The management headed by Şükrü Şankaya had planned to build a sports and camp facilities here. Later they gave up this plan. The second concrete step about facility was taken in the era of Mümin Gençoğlu. On 7th October 1976, the foundation of Vakıfköy Social Facilities was laid. Indeed Vakıfköy was discovered 1 year before. Bursaspor's Technical Director Abdullah Gegiç struggling in European Cup Winners Cup in season of 1974-1975 paid great efforts to find a grass field.  He was told that there was a field covered by natural grass in Vakıfköy and Bursaspor performed several training exercises there. When Mümin Gençoğlu became the president it was decided to construct the facilities there. The later president Süleyman Kurtçu paid great effort for completing the facilities as well. The grass field was put into service in 1979 -1980 season. In later years additions were made in the facilities continuously. The section planned to be football school were added additional facilities and hall. Cavit Çağlar Management put this place into service with ceremony in October 1983. İbrahim Yazıcı who became the president in 1988 expanded the boundaries of the facilities after Vakıfköy was included in the Municipality of Yıldırım. For infrastructure works two earth fields a grass field for the A Team as well as football school, dressing rooms, A Team camp places were added. The grass field was enlightened. Meanwhile the club building in the Centrum was moved to Vakıfköy as well. Murat Gülez Management had villas constructed for the technical directors. Later the construction of administrative building of the club started. Today in the facilities named as Vakıfköy Orhan Özselek Facilities there are 4 grass fields and 2 earth fields, and the germinating works on 1 earth field continue.
On 7th November 2007 when Bursaspor A Team moved to Özlüce Facilities, Vakıfköy Orhan Özselek Facilities were supplied for the usage of Bursa Merinosspor and Infrastructure Teams.

The facility the foundation of which was laid in 2003 and the first part of which was opened on 7th November 2007 supplies service at European Standards.
There are 2 grass fields in the facility located on a land of 10 ha. currently. And when the facility is completed fully there shall be 5 grass fields and 2 grass fields with smaller dimensions.
In the facility where Bursaspor A Team accommodates are a closed swimming pool, sauna-steam room, rooms with 50 beds and the administration department.

The facility the foundation of which was laid in 2003 and the first part of which was opened on 7th November 2007 is established on 10 ha. Currently there is the building where the A team accommodates in and 2 football fields in the facility.
*Visit our photo gallery for the photos of Özlüce and Vakıfköy facilities.

 Match of the Week
Date: 04.12.2020
 League Table        
  Team MP W D L P
1 TUZLASPOR 12 5 7 0 22
2 İSTANBULSPOR 12 5 6 1 21
3 ADANA DEMİRSPOR 12 4 7 1 19
6 ALTINORDU A.Ş. 12 4 6 2 18

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